Title: 24 CPH 2017




little breakfast at '108 corner' this savory fermented beef pastry was super tasty. as i was finishing up my coffee, Sune Rosforth walked in.


been wanting to come here for long time. finally made it!

its 'hija de sanchez' YES! x 1000000000

i want EVERYTHING! and im not joking.





unfortunately Rosio was not here but chef guy was kind enough to give me a kitchen tour.




combo of the day + modelo especial

although, my fried egg seems upside down

muchas gracias amigos!

coffee collective at its original location


back at Rosforth to pick up some bottles

goodies goodies

back at Solfinn's picking up some bottles

and having some interesting local beer

i love Solfinn's. if i lived in Copenhagen this is where you'll find me most of the time.



locals hangouts

Vincent Tricot Les Marcottes was incredibly tasty. Daniel Sage Grange Bara was equally mind blowing.

Slurp pop up day 2, last day. right before opening staff meeting

people lining up in front. gotta love the view

this is the team who made it possible. a memorable moment in ramen history in Copenhagen.






Ko djing in noodle making room コウ君、製麺室でDJの画




only one hairband left

after serving 110 bowls, there were some ingredient left. so they decided to do something fun with it. arent they tired? not when it comes to something creative. Yamamoto san demonstrating the classic technique 'oigatsuo' which is to enhance katsuobushi flavor by adding them again at the very end of dashi making process.



you've done it.

skål! 乾杯!


thats how it all went down



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