Title: 23 CPH 2017

not sure which ramen shop in Tokyo started this kind of a trend to ask customers with long hair if they care to use hairbands to prevent dipping their hair in soup. i thought it would be nice and Japanese if they did the same at Slurp. so i made these few days before my trip and brought them with me. you can buy and give out premade ones which cost little bit more but ramen shops are usually tight on budget so i figured it would make it even more proper if they were handmade. people prefer this kind of extra warmth without noticing.

















chef Philipp, slurp himself, slurping the completed prototype

YES! shoyu, shio, both ready to be served! now we are waiting for the opening in 30min

signs up!

finally, long awaited staff meal. choose shio or shoyu!

shoyu with yuzu and mitsuba. this one is more of Japanese flavor

shio with denmarks local herbs and mussels. very nice contrast.

last minute staff meeting making sure everyone knows how to explain whats in the bowl.

here it begins. serving 130 bowls from 1800 to 2300



then it started snowing

people came in snow


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