Title: 22 CPH 2017

bike country

produced by "Noma" cofounder Claus Meyer. used be called "Estate coffee" now its "First coffee"

vesterport station

avo toast at "Emmery's" organic bakery








skate park?


underneath this bridge

my dream wine shop

'Rosforth & Rosforth'

the natural wine central of Copenhagen. run by Sune Rosforth. been open since 1984. the natural wine scene in Copenhagen started from here.




glass #14

it was time for staff meal. good timing!

glass #15

glass #16

glass #17

glass #18

glass #19

glass #20

glass #21

Sune Rosforth in the right corner and everyoneelse. amazing wine, lunch, people. had great time here. Niklas cracking up in the back.

glass #22

glass #23

glass #24

glass #25

head sommelier of 'Noma' Mads Kleppe showed up

then visited 'ved stranden 10' and had even more wine

glass #26

glass #27

'Nature' by Ralph Waldo Emerson

'Slurp' ramen shop. run by my friends, Philipp, Niklas and Simon. the best ramen shop in Copenhagen. they opened about a week before my visit. the main reason of my trip was to attend their first pop up event with top leading ramen chef from Japan, Yamamoto-san of Hototogisu which is my most favorite ramen shop in Tokyo. no way i could miss this miracle event.

Yamamoto-san, super gentle, super well being.




there was one person i really wanted to meet in Copenhagen. it was Solfinn at his wine shop 'Rødder & vin.' he is one of the biggest contributor and influencer in natural wine scene in Copenhagen is my understanding of Solfinn.



back at Slurp

huge pot of animal broth


quick pit stop at 'Rudo' an Italian eatery opened by Christian Puglisi(experienced at Le Taillevent, El Bulli, sous chef at Noma) and Kim Rossen(maitre, sommelier at Noma) glass #28

at 'Den Vandrette' run by Rosforth & Rosforth. wide and interesting wine selection. i'd come here few times a week if i lived here. glass #29

and food was just as great.

crispy and crunchy fried rabbit feet

are we ever gonna stop? at very much ingredient driven 'Bæst' organic pizza restaurant. again, another creation by Christian Puglisi. this is like my 17th glass of wine. it can only be done with natural wine. glass #30

charcuterie and burrata

their fresh mozzarella was quite impressive.

back at Slurp. this is late late night. they were still working on their first test bowl and not satisfied with the result.


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