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Mad means food in Danish. this supermarket Mad corporative was located in the central station but renamed to somethingelse few weeks before this was taken. this is some of its remainings.

it has nothing to do with the MAD symposium







entering Christiania
クリスチャニアの人々は、デンマーク政府が関わっていない彼ら独自のルールを持っており、そのルールによって、窃盗、暴力行為、銃、刃物、防弾チョッキ、強い麻薬が禁止されている。この地区の中に、Pusher Street として知られている有名な通りがあるが、そこでは、2004年まで大麻が常設屋台で公然と売られていた。強い麻薬は規則によって禁止されているが、この規則が全員の了承を得られていないため、それらの商売が完全に無くなったわけではない。」(ウィキペディアより抜粋)

skate shop and little skate park in Christiania

christiania bikes in Christiania


restaurant "108" run by "Noma." head chef Kristian Baumann, opened summer 2016. just earned michelin star, while Noma lost stars due to their relocation.

right next door to 108, there is this "108 corner" where you can have breakfast and coffee. their pastry is worth the visit.

1st floor you can see about to be closed in 3 days Noma in the building

looks like they are having staff meeting. we had reservation at 1200, this was shot about 1130

so it begins. 1st dish 'warm broth of cloudberries'



'apple of the season' 2nd dish


'fresh sliced scallop' 3rd dish

2013 Goustan Val Frison Ville-sur-Arce-Aube glass #6

'a winter platter' 4th dish

'radish pie' 5th dish

'cured fish roe and horseradish cream' 6th dish

'natural fermented bread of Öland wheat and butter' 7th dish

2014 Love and Pif Yann Durieux Messanges-Bourgogne glass #7

'cooked oyster and broccoli stems' 8th dish

'sea urchin and cabbage' 9th dish

2014 Vitovska Matej Skerlj Corso-Friuli glass #8

'langoustine, onion and lavender 10/a dish

'langoustine, onion and lavender 10/b dish

2015 Bianco Ajola Orvieto-Umbria glass #9

'butternut squash, barley and cabviar' 11th dish

2010 Riesling Weingut Odinstal Wachenheim-Pfalz glass #10

'steamed king crab and egg yolk sauce' 12th dish

2007 Vin Jaune Château-Chalon Francois Rousset-Martin Château-Chalon-Jura glass #11

'charred greens with a scallop paste' 13th dish

'roasted mushroom' 14th dish there were no meat at all in 14 courses. main dish was this maitake. brilliant idea.
'milk ice cream, seaweed and ant paste' to follow

2013 Gräfin Sepp & Maria Muster Leutschach-Steierland glass #12
2015 Cox+Cider Æbler Æblerov glass #13

'snobrød(campfire bread)'

coffee and espresso

'moss cooked in white chocolate rye porridge filled chocolate'

where they do their barbeque right outside the building in a little hut.

upstairs right above the restaurant






Noma, hope to see you again at new location.


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